Bitcoin Trading & Technical Analysis

Is it possible to make more than $1000 per day by trading Bitcoin? Yes, the only thing you need is the knowledge behind the winning strategies.

Learn everything there is to know about how to make money by trading Bitcoin. From the very basics all the way to the advanced skills.

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About This Course

What You'll Learn

How To Trade Bitcoin

You'll learn everything there is to know about trading Bitcoin. This complete course will take you from 0 to hero.

Technical Analysis

I'll use my professional experience to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to become a technical analysis master! Buy low, sell high!

Risk Management

The most important thing you'll learn is how to manage risk. You'll learn how to set a stop loss, how to size your positions, and how to evaluate risk/reward ratio.

These topics and much more will be covered in this complete course!


Indicators You Will Learn

Carl Martin, Well-known from YouTube, Twitter and Public Speaking


Stop Losing Money! Learn How to Become a Professional Trader

Stay ahead in a bull or bear market and do not get REKT! I will teach you all there is to know about trading & technical analysis in a clear step by step course for experienced or new traders.

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